Monday, August 28

long weekend


Just got back from a spontaneous weekend in upstate NY and western MA. I slept in some houses with interesting stories, swam in the NYC water supply, and spent some time in 19th century mill buildings. As some readers may already know, I am a big fan of 19th century mill buildings. Stay tuned in the coming days for posts on such topics as:
  1. Reservoirs. New York's water is delicious. And frigid, it turns out.
  2. Gendered Architecture. I slept in a cabin built by two high-society 'Jills.' The building itself was charming, but the story is deeper...
  3. Non-Adaptive Re-Use. While I expected many of Western Massachusetts' post-industrial buildings to be adapted for use as art galleries or museums, I was stunned to see the number of old buildings being used for... Industry! Paper mills, chemical plants, processed food... Who knew?!

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