Wednesday, August 29


I had been wondering if grad school would leave me enough time to keep writing the Built Environment Blog, and after one day in the studio I have my answer: no.

Also, an earthquake hit yesterday -- my first! It was apparently a 3.0, but I didn't really feel it, I just heard a big rumble.

Even though I won't be writing long posts like fireproof or Grand Army Plaza, Built Environment Blog won't be totally static. The links from and photos from flickr will keep updating, and I'll try to share interesting discoveries about the Bay Area as I make them.

IMG_5129.JPGBerkeley Rose Garden

If you're looking for something interesting to read online, there's still no better place than BldgBlog. Things Magazine is another source for awesome stuff, and Where keeps getting better.


Brendan Crain said...

Shucks, folks, I'm speechless. ;-)

This news makes me sad. Built Environment Blog is one of the less formal (and thus more interesting) planning blogs in the 'osphere...I've been wishing that you'd post more often, not less. Still, it's for good reason. Buena suerte!!

Mazlin Ghazali said...

I'll miss your raw first person observations!

Anonymous said...
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Xosé Manuel Carreira said...

What a pity!. I started to read this blog recenetly and I found it fantastic. I understand your reasons. I am also a part time student at the Open University and I have no time to do a lot of things I wish to do. Regards,

Anonymous said...
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