Monday, April 2

lost and found

Lost Magazine has published a new version of 323 Prospect Place, a piece that originally appeared here in the Built Environment Blog. The new version incorporates information from several great comments on the blog post -- many thanks to Showhank, Fakeisthenewreal, Robert Baptista and everyone else who added their thoughts. Special thanks to Paul Proulx who essentially solved the mystery with the map below.

flatbush turnpike red_2This is my edited version of the original map that explains the orientation of 323 Prospect Place.

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Anonymous said...

This is juicy!

Property Shark maps of lot-lines are even better for sleuthing irregular lot lines and old street routes, such as Red Hook Lane in Downtown Brooklyn affecting a lot-line all the way on Atlantic Avenue between Court and Boerum; the further exension east of Stuyvessant Street (Peter's old driveway to Broadway) in the East Village on both sides of E 12th between 2nd Ave and Ave A; a whole slew of old farm roads out of grid that used to extend further in Flatbush in a 10-block radius around Ave M.

Any other gems?